Haunted Mansion Creepy Hollow

Come for the Scare if you Dare!

Camping at Creepy Hollow!
Retro/Rustic Camping Only, NO SERVICES
No potable water on site, you must bring your own water in.
Generators permitted within posted hours.
$25 per night
$150 per week

Our Crazy Features!

Creepy Campground- dry-rustic camping, 7 day maximum stay

Camp Spots:  $25 per night (additional charges apply per sleeping unit at one site)

No Hook-ups, Community fire pit: free with your own firewood

All campers agree to abide by park rules; quiet time 11pm-8am, pets on leash, no excessive noise.


Mysterious Maze- (CONSTANTLY EVOLVING) The only one of its kind in this area. Get lost! Have fun!


Mini-Railway- (COMING SOON) Take a ride on our mini-train. Modelled after a 1800’s steamer.  Fun for all ages!


Monster Hall- Murder Mystery Nights (by booking),, Friday is  Family movie in the Hall, Book the Hall for Private gatherings or events.


Haunted Mansion- (COMING SOON) All ages allowed, your discretion advised . More fun for us if your chicken!


Want to Explore the local Area?...

4 mins to village of Warner- devils coulee dinosaur museum, Gas, groceries, liquor store, restaurant

10 mins to town of Milk River – bakery, groceries, liquor store, hardware store, gas, restaurants,

20 minutes to Ridge Reservoir- boating, beach

27 minutes to USA border

35 minutes to Lethbridge- all services

45 minutes to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park- hoodoos, interpretive center 

General Rules for Campers

1-       You bring it in , you take it out. You are responsible for removal of your black water waste etc. Bagged garbage can be disposed of in the red garbage trailer. 

Smokers must not litter! Dispose of cigarette butts  in proper containers.


2-       Absolutely NO fires in the camp ground area, fires are only permitted in the community bon-fire pits. Self contained BBQs are permitted with approval. No fireworks permitted


3-       Creepy Hollow water source is NON-POTABLE. You need to bring in your own drinking water.


4-       Please be respectful of your neighbor, no noise after 11:00pm or before 8am. Exception to the rule applies for select occasions and the Saloon dance parties.


5-       OHVs require a Creepy Hollow permit and must travel at a maximum speed of 5kph through camp areas. Riding restricted to hillside and hilltop, do not drive on farmers fields Failure to follow the rules will result in immediate termination of privilege.


6-       Please do not block the roadway.


7-       Supervise your children and pets at all times.


8-       No chasing or loud noises or otherwise bothering the farm animals. Do not enter pens with them.


9-       If you have a pet , you must have control of it  at all times, and pick up after it immediately


10-     Rules are subject to change.

        We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


Please register your campsite. Checkout time is 2pm.

Camping stays are limited to 7 consecutive nights

Camping fees are payable when the permit is issued. Camping permits are not transferable.

Spots are available on a first come first serve basis except when reservations are made.

You must immediately occupy your site with your camping accommodation (tent, trailer, RV)

The maximum number of motor vehicles, tents, RVs or trailers is 3, of which only 2 may be sleeping quarters. Exception to the rule is 2 tents, then 2 vehicles may be present.  

Camping fees apply to each sleeping unit.

No more than 6 people may occupy a campsite unless they are all from the same family.

Permit holders are responsible for the actions of all camping party members and any visitors to their campsite.

No dumping of grey water or black water permitted.  You must use dumping facilities elsewhere.

Please refrain from cleaning and bathing with Creepy Hollow water sources, our water is non-potable, sourced directly from Ridge Reservoir and is raw.

Help yourself and others to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our location by avoiding excessive noise. Loud partying, stereos at high volume and other rowdy behavior will not be tolerated at any time.

Constant running of generators is considered excessive noise. Please respect your neighbors by keeping generator use to a minimum if it is not required for medical reasons. 

Fire Prevention

Campfires are permitted only in facilities provided

Never leave your campfire unattended

Make sure your campfire is completely out before you leave your campsite

When the fire hazard is extreme, fire bans may and will be implemented

No fireworks permitted

Motor Vehicles

Please drive cautiously and obey all speed limits.

Children may be playing in the area and campground roads are often used as pathways.

OHVs (off highway vehicles- quads, dirt bikes etc) require a park permit before use. Vehicles that produce excessive noise will not receive a permit. If permit is issued and excessive noise is proven after the fact, permit will be revoked. Driver/rider must comply.


To protect your pet and other campers, please keep your pet on a leash and away from resident farm animals.

Pets are prohibited in public buildings exception for certified aid dogs.

Pick up after your pet immediately.

Be considerate of other campers- please ensure that your dog does not bark excessively.

Do not leave your pets unattended

It is not advised to bring into a campground, a dog that has a history of aggressive protective behaviour like growling, barking or biting.

If you have a dog who creates excessive noise, or a dog that may be deemed hazardous by aggressive behaviour, you may be required to remove the dog from the park or be evicted.

Crime Prevention

We experience very little serious crime, with your co-operation we can keep it that way:

-ensure that your camping gear and valuables are securely stored and locked up when you are away from your site.

-to deter thieves, mark your camping gear and valuables.

-reports acts of vandalism to park staff or police

-be a good neighbor- help protect one another’s property

Contravention of Regulations

Contravention of Creepy Hollow regulations may result in eviction, a fine or imprisonment.


 Camp Regulations

Register on arrival

Retro/Rustic Camping only.

No potable water on site

No dumping waste waters

Campfires in designated areas only

Keep Pets on a leash

Quiet time 11pm-8am

OHVs require a permit on arrival (call for details and guidelines)

You bring it in, you take it out.

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